Destination Flight Time Status  
Bari FR 8705 21:50 Departed
Frankfurt Hahn FR 8093 22:10 Departed
London Stansted FR 799 22:30
Estimated 22:35
Wait take off
Barcelona FR 6347 22:35
Estimated 23:00
Wait take off
All departures
Origin Flight Time Status  
Frankfurt Hahn FR 8092 21:45
London Stansted FR 798 22:05
Estimated 22:09
All arrivals

Domestic and international destinations from Venice Marco Polo Airport

From Venice "Marco Polo" airport you can reach 37 international destinations

Passengers with reduced mobility

Assistance at Treviso Airport for disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility (PRM).

The Treviso Airport Service Charter

The Treviso Airport Service Charter lists key quality indicators for passengers and airport services.

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