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          Access to air carriers' operating data

          Access to air carriers' operating data: this is the access by private third parties to data concerning flight operations conducted by airlines operating at the Treviso Antonio Canova airport.

          The request for access (prepared by filling in the appropriate form), signed by the applicant and accompanied by a copy of an identity document, must be sent by e-mail or by certified e-mail or fax, by ordinary post or delivered by hand, to the following contacts.

          It should be noted that, on the basis of the data held by the airport operator, only information relating to the flight of direct interest will be provided, i.e., for which the applicant is in possession of a flight ticket or boarding pass.

           Also, if the request is aimed at knowing also general information about the airport's operations, the airport operator will provide only aggregate data (it will not provide, for example, detailed list of flights that have taken-off or landed).


          AER TRE S.p.A.
          Via Noalese, 63/E - 31100 Treviso,

          for the attention of the Head of Airport Management.

          certified email:

          normal e-mail:

          FAX: +39 0422 315219

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