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          For questions or doubts there is our FAQ section

          • CHECK IN

            • Where is the Departures area?

              The Departures area is on the first floor of the Terminal.
              See the map at the following link: Terminal Map.
              When you arrive at the airport, also consult the map to see where the check-in desks are, and consult the information monitors. Instead, the embarkation waiting areas are found after the security checks. Follow the signs after security checks.

            • Can I check-in online even if I have luggage?


            • Where are the security checks and checkin located?

              They are on the first floor of the Terminal.
              See the map at the following link: Terminal Map.

          • LUGGAGE

            • Information regarding property lost on aircraft, at the security checkpoints or at the gates

            • Shops for buying luggage/trolleys

              List of shops and points on the map Shop&Food.

          • SERVICES

            • Request regarding the services offered by the Airport.

              You can find all our services by consulting the Terminal Map.

            • Where are the desks for  Customs and Tax-free?

              Customs is on the ground floor, right side of the Terminal in front of the central escalator and on the ground floor at Arrival zone, next to luggage belt number 2.
              The tax-free office is on the first floor, in front of the central escalator.
              and opens in conjunction with flights with non-EU destinations.
              Please go to customs before checking in your baggage in case customs have to check the goods. We recommend that you go to customs in advance to have time to do all the operations before check-in.
              See the map at the following link: Terminal Map.

            • Where can I find the VIP Lounge?

              The VIP Lounge is not currently available in the Treviso terminal.

            • For all questions regarding assistance for passengers with reduced mobility

              Please visit the following link: PRM - Passengers with reduced mobility.
              There is also a helpline number for information or assistance. Please note that passengers with in-vehicle disability cards can park for free in the Marco Polo Park car parks.

            • Wi-Fi

              Wi-Fi: you can use the internet after connecting and registering at the network offered free of charge by Treviso Airport.

            • Location of Post Office and/or Post Office boxes, and location of ATM machines

              See the map at the following link: Terminal Map to find the various ATMs and the mail-/letter-box (on the ground floor of the Terminal).

            • Points for recharging smartphones, tablets etc.

              Charging points for smartphones, tablets, PCs etc. are available on all floors of the Terminal. They are always free of charge, with no time limits. Each point is marked with the symbol on the Terminal Map.

            • Where to sleep near the airport

              You can search here adding “Aeroporto di Treviso” or “Treviso Airport” in your search. Please note that sleeping inside the Airport terminal itself is forbidden.

            • Airport opening times

              Access to the terminal is permitted from 5 a.m. The terminal closes with the last flight of the day, at 00:00.

            • Washrooms/Toilets, coffee bars

              See the map at the following link: Terminal Map.

            • Is there an airport health facility?

              Yes, there is an emergency room and it is on the ground floor, on the left side of the Terminal.
              See the map at the following link: Terminal Map.

            • Can I buy a SIM card at the Airport?

              You can buy phone cards at the 'Hub' stores. Please note that there aren't telephone companies at the terminal.

          • FLIGHTS

            • Timetable and prices of flights departing from Treviso

              Timetables and prices depend on the airlines. You can find them on the official websites of the airline companies or on comparison websites such as Skyscanner and others.
              See page: Book your flight.

            • Information on delayed flights, both inbound and outbound

              For all flights information, see the screens provided at the Terminal or on the following pages:
              Today's flights
              Seasonal Schedule

              Always arrive in time at the Airport regardless of known delays because the pre-flight operations are in any case scheduled at the pre-set times. Flight check-ins, therefore, end at the set times.

            • Passengers arrived late and missed their flights requesting re-booking for the same day.

              The formal travel contract is between the airline and the passenger, or through the tourist agency that issued the flight and the passenger. For answers to questions on this subject, please contact your airline via the internet or their call centre. Complaints and requests for refunds with airlines.

            • Complaints about flight delays or cancellations where the airline/assistance company does not provide assistance either in terms of re-routing or of overnight accommodation - Request to contact different airlines due to cancelled/delayed flights where handlers do not get involved.

              The formal travel contract is between airlines and passengers. For all questions, contact your airline.
              We recommend reading the Travellers' Rights - Enac.

            • If you cannot contact your airline or change your ticket

              It is possible to contact the airlines through their website, live chat, support number and social networks. Alternatively, the passenger can purchase a new flight ticket or make changes at the AERTRE airport ticket office.

          • TRANSPORT

            • Where can I find a Car-Hire company?

              They are on the ground floor.
              Visit: Car rental.

            • Marco Polo Park: parking locations and prices

            • Help inquiries for demagnetized parking card/ failed payment/ bar not rising

              Press the Key Operator button on the columns opposite the entry/exit barrier.

            • Where are the taxis - where are the buses for the city and out-of-town bus transport.

              The Taxis are in lanes outside the Terminal on the ground floor. The bus stops are in the same area - a little further on.

            • Where are the hotel shuttle buses?

              Outside the Terminal, in the lanes - outside Arrivals (ground level) or in the short-stay parking area.

            • Request for endorsement of disabled cards for free parking or other services.

              If you require approval for parking, go to the Departures Information Office (first floor) or the Ticket Office (first floor) to show the original Disabled Badge and an original identity document. If the disabled person's companion goes to the Information Office, as well as the two items mentioned, you must also take a copy of the flight ticket of the Disabled Badge owner.


            • Complaints and suggestions

              For complaints, click here.
              Often, complaints relate to airline issues → consult the website and contact details of the airline you are travelling with.

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