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          What the Airport is doing for you

          Disinfection and sanitization protocols are shared and mandatory for all airport operators and stakeholders (handlers, sub-concessionaires, security staff etc.).
          Safety for those who work
          Disinfection of all workplaces is carried out every day, further sanitized at each shift change.
          Safety for travelers
          Disinfection of all transit areas, waiting areas, check-in, gates, and toilets is carried out every day including catering areas; contact surfaces (handrails, handles, etc.); all the means used for the transport of passengers.
          Maximum security
          We are equipped with special devices to guarantee maximum safety for passengers and operators and we have installed numerous hand sanitiser in all areas of the terminal.
          Thermal cameras
          We have installed thermal cameras in the arrivals and departure areas of the terminal to check body temperature and report anomalies.
          Safety devices
          Only passengers and operators with an FFP2 facemask are allowed to access the terminal.
          We guarantee distance
          We redesigned all the flows to avoid gatherings between people. Terminal entrances and exits are controlled to ensure social distancing.
          Safety on departure and arrival
          We optimized the layouts of shared areas to ensure distancing during check-in, security, boarding, and baggage claim on arrival.
          Space management
          Food areas are organized and managed according to the current distancing protocols. Boarding to the airplane by foot will be preferred, avoiding when possible inter-run buses.

          Travel regulation

          Obligation to fill in the European Passenger Locator Form in digital format (dPLF).

          From 24 May 2021 anyone entering Italy for any length of time, from foreign states or territories referred to in lists B, C, D and E, is required to fill in the European Passenger Locator Form in digital format (dPLF).

          Filling out the dPLF replaces the declaration to be delivered to the airline upon boarding; the self-declaration for entry into Italy to be delivered to the Border Police, on the other hand, must be completed on a specific paper form.

          To fill in the dPLF localization form, visit the website 
          For more information, visit the EUPLF - European Union Passenger Locator Form website as well as the dedicated page of the Ministry of Health website  

          Depending on the country of origin, the regulations relating to the obligation of buffer and fiduciary isolation change. We recommend consulting the institutional sites of the Ministry of Health and Viaggiare Sicuri for a complete view of the legislation relating to the countries of origin and the exemption conditions or contact the public utility number 1500 (from abroad the numbers to call are +39 0232008345 - +39 0283905385).

          It is also advisable to complete the information questionnaire available on the ViaggiareSicuri website

          Returning to Italy from abroad, do I have to observe a quarantine period?

          The DPCM establishes the obligation of fiduciary isolation for passengers arriving in Italy from specific foreign countries. To consult the list of countries concerned and any exceptions from the obligation of fiduciary isolation, consult the documentation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

          I have to travel between Regions in Italy, what should I do?

          For travel within the national territory, we recommend that you check any specific provisions of the regions of destination by visiting their respective websites and contact your airline to find out about any rules applied to ensure boarding on board the plane. It is mandatory to have a Green Pass to access the airside and airplane. 

          I have to travel abroad, what should I do?

          Depending on the country of destination, there may be restrictions on entry. We invite you to consult the site Viaggiare Sicuri by selecting the country of destination to know the updated legislation, including that of any transit countries. It is mandatory to have your Green pass/ Covid certification.

          It is also advisable to carry out the information questionnaire on the ViaggiareSicuri website,

          Swabs at the airport

          A swab service is available at the airport, more information on this page 

          Practical guide for your trip

          • We recommend online check-in, if your airline provides this option, in order to limit interaction at the check-in desks.
          • Please contact your airline to know the rules for hand luggage.
          • Access is allowed only to travelers with a ticket/ boarding card. Only exceptions are made for people accompanying PRM and children traveling alone.
          • Prepare at home your documents and self-certifications, if needed, required for your journey. Please contact your airline to know more about self-certification and check the rules set by the Government of your destination Country.
          • Get to the airport early to have enough time to carry out the new procedures.
          • Get to the airport already equipped with a facemask FFP2 or FFP3 that you must always wear; we suggest you bring some additional masks with you. Starting from 10/1/22 Reinforced Green Pass is required for domestic flights.
          • The entrance is on the east door
          • Always keep 1 meter of interpersonal distance inside the terminal, especially when queuing at check-in, security, and at the gates. Follow signage and floor marking.
          • Before security checks, be ready to provide your boarding pass and self-certification, if needed.
          • Your body temperature will be checked through a thermal camera (thermoscanner); if it exceeds 37.5°, you won't be allowed to access the terminal and will go through an additional check by medical staff.
          • Security checks are unchanged: visit our pages for security checks and baggage rules.  
          • At the moment, Retail and Food offer has been limited.
          • For non-Schengen flights, we recommend you have an electronic passport to use the e-gates and speed up operations. Border controls remain unchanged.
          • After security checks, wait for your boarding keeping the interpersonal distance (minimum 1 meter from other people).

          • You must fill the digital Passenger Locator Form here 
          • If you are entering Italy you may be asked to fill the self-declaration form, download it here
          • Upon your arrival at the airport, your body temperature will be checked with a thermal camera (thermoscanner).
          • Before landing, make sure to have a surgical facemask that you must always wear inside the terminal; we recommend that you have spare facemasks with you.
          • Make sure you have your self-certification with you, if needed.
          • Remember to always keep the interpersonal distance inside the terminal (minimum 1 meter from other people)
          • Border controls are unchanged; we suggest you have a biometric passport.
          • If you need to collect your checked baggage, go to the baggage delivery belt indicated on the monitors and check the floor marking to maintain interpersonal distance. In case of loss or damage to your luggage, contact immediately the Lost & Found office, located near the baggage belts; do not leave the area before having filed your case.
          • Exit using west door.



            • How can I get to the airport by public transport?

              At the moment, public transport to and from the airport may be reduced. For updated timetable information, check public transport websites, Mobilità di Marca (, ATVO (

            • What are the car parks open?

              Car parks currently open:

              -  E, B1, B2, Low Cost;

              For parking prices and booking, visit the website:


            • What are the bars and restaurants open?

              - Before the security checks: Bar Emporio del Grano, 1st floor.
              - After the security checks: Bricco Bar .

            • What are the shops open?

              Before the security checks: - .
              After the security checks: Aelia Duty Free; Relay Partenze.

            • Is the VIP lounge open?

              The VIP lounge is temporarily closed.

            • Is the Information Office open?

              The office is open every day 7-22, phone number +39 0422 315111.

            • I have a request for Lost & Found items.

              Fill out the form on this page.

          Special assistance

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